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Tradition of the Maine Wreath

Tradition of the Maine Wreath

Washington County, Maine, also known as the Sunrise County, is ruled by the seasons. For generations, Mainers have relied on the bounty of nature for their livelihoods. The lobster and seafood, blueberry, and wreath industries are the backbone of our communities. Ninety-five percent of the world’s wild blueberry crop is harvested here each August. Ninety percent of evergreen wreaths reportedly come from Downeast Maine and are transported all over the world.

Downeast Maine is steeped in tradition as is the balsam wreath. While wreaths have been a symbol of life, strength, and eternity for centuries, it was sometime during the 15th century that the wreath was adopted as a hanging decoration. Wreaths made of evergreen branches symbolize hope and new life and have been adopted as a symbol of Christianity and eternal life.

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